Stressed Beyond Measures

Have you ever felt like you can never get a break? The car dies, the kids are late, the in-laws show up and the dog needs a bath, all in the same day!

You feel as if you have been run through the ringer and look as if you have been rode hard and put up wet. You finally find time to go on vacation, only to realize you need another vacation to recover from all of the laundry you have, when you return.

Today’s women are more stressed than ever before. You would think with the invention of technology life would be easier and faster. After all doesn’t the microwave make dinners faster? Doesn’t the Smart Phone turn finding a babysitter into ease, with just the click of a button on an App? Sure technology has made things easier, but if we take a closer look we will see, the faster and quicker we make our lives, the more opportunity it gives us to fill our time with other “things” that rob us of joy, max out our calendars, and strip us of our energy. Faster is not always better, quicker does not come with ease, and easier has its limitations.

When was the last time you “really” sat down and became STILL?  

When was the last time you cast your cares upon Him?

Life will always have stress. However, there are practical ways to elevate the degree stress plays.

1.       Invite God into your world. Cast your cares on him because he cares for you. Make time for prayer.

2.       Maintain order. Organize your day, your week, etc.. Eliminate things that rob you of time and energy.

3.       Factor in exercise during your day. Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals trigger positive responses in the body.

4.       Eat healthy and get proper sleep.  Balanced eating and adequate sleep are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

5.       Avoid negative stressors. Set boundaries up for those people who create negative stress in your life.

6.       Renew your mind. Read God’s Word, spend time with those you love, take a few minutes to refresh your own soul.






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