Certainty in the Uncertain

Nothing in this life is certain! From day to day we do not know if we will be here today or  gone tomorrow, if our jobs will be secure, our finances stable, or if our friendships will remain intact. There is no guarantee for anything…..We often live in a state of confusion, worried about what will happen, what may never happen, or what could potentially happen. We spend our lives consumed with the “what if’s”.  But… what “if” you could live your life being certain in the uncertainty? What would that look like? What would that feel like?

Certainty is the firm conviction that something is the case, it is reliably true, and definite.

Instead of building our lives on those things that can be taken away. Why not build it on the one thing that is reliable and true?

Life is constantly changing, but one thing that never changes is God. In the midst of our ever changing lives, He is the steady constant that never changes. Yet when we are faced with adversity we often run to those things that are uncertain, those things that can be taken away. Why not place your hope in the one who is certain, the one who never changes?

Where will your road of uncertainty lead?

What things, people, or ideas have you placed your certainty in?