How to Optimize Productivity

Optimization…the new “buzz” word of the day. Everything from your car, to your computer, to even your wardrobe needs to be optimized, in order to get its best possible use.  However, when it comes to getting things done, completing a task or project, it is essential to “optimize” in order to be productive. How many times have you set out to do a task only to be interrupted by others, come up short on time, or simply burnout before the assignment is complete? In order to “optimize” your productivity make sure you factor in the following key components into the process….

O-Outsource as much as you can. Get others to help you. If you are not an expert in a certain area, seek others who are experts.

P-Plant barriers. Put barriers in place that will guard against taking you away from focusing on the project.

T-Timelines. Set timelines to complete the project.  

I-Identify Interrupters. Recognize those individuals, situation, etc. that cause interruptions.

M-Minimize wasted time. Quit trying to multi-task. Stay focused on the task at hand.

I-Incorporate breaks. Taking small breaks can help improve your concentration and improve performance.         

Z-Zap notifications-Turn off email, Snapchat, Twitter, notifications, etc. These can distract and take you off course from finishing the task.

E-Embrace enjoyment. Find time for the things you love. It does not have to be all work and no play.

What 3 action steps do you need to take today to maximize your productivity?